Hello. Today we will be talking about a very serious topic. It is about medications and doctors, and the main method the New World Order uses to make money, aside from war.

so let's go!

The New World Order makes their money in a lot of different ways. The second biggest one is to prescribe fake pills, and cancerous, poisonous medications to people, and diagnose them with fake diseases. People that are mentally unwell will also be sent to hospitals where they are euthanized or filled full of poisonous cancer.

I will tell you first a story, then why this topic is very important to me. When I was a kid, I was afflicted with diseases. And when I was a teenager, my parents took me into a doctor's office to see why I behaved in weird ways. The doctor had told me that I had 'Schizophrenia and pyschosis.' My parents were scared by this! And this doctor gave me anti-psychotic pills that were called 'clozapines,' and some other pill that I do not remember. Now when I took this medication, my mind felt like it was turned off. I felt like a zombie, had no energy and had no emotions. I had stopped taking those, but my parents tell me to still take them. Now what I will do is pretend to take them, and spit them into the toilet! I still live with my mum and my dad, but I do not want to! I am not a child, as I am older than 18. But I will not tell you my exact age. They still buy these pills, even though I tell them that I am given these, so that the New World Order will make their money, but they do not listen to me. They still buy them! Let me show you what these pills will do:

litfl dot com says that: "Clozapine is an antagonist to dopamine (D1 and D2 in the mesolimbic system), serotonin, peripheral alpha receptors, muscarinic, histamine and GABA receptors. This combination of antagonism results in CNS depression, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension and anticholinergic toxidrome.

What does all of this mean, then? I will tell you. These are the definitions from the Internet. "CNS depression happens when the body's normal neurological functions slow down." "Tachycardia is a condition that makes your heart beat more than 100 times per minute." "Orthostatic hypotension is defined as a decrease in systolic blood pressure of 20 mm Hg." "Exposure to an anticholinergic chemical may result in under stimulation of cholinergic receptors leading to dilated pupils (mydriasis), decreased sweating, elevated temperature, rapid heart beat, and mental-status changes, including characteristic hallucinations."

This is what they have given to me. What they were trying to do to me, is for me to have no emotions and brain damage. They make money from this. They do this to me so that I will not be a problem for them as they realize. Here I will show you more things that doctors will do to you.

"Dr. Farid Fata was a Michigan oncologist who operated numerous upscale clinics in Detroit-area suburbs. He pumped poisonous chemotherapy drugs into patients for years, telling them they had cancer when they didn’t. He also over-treated terminal cancer patients, rather than letting them die peacefully, and under-treated actual cancer patients if he could profit from it. When all was said and done, Dr. Fata has poisoned around 550 victims and submitted over $34 million fraudulent claims to Medicare and private insurers. His actions deteriorated patients’ health, with many sustaining chronic health problems like brittle bones and malfunctioning organs. Some victims spent so much money on Dr. Fata’s treatment plan that they lost their homes and jobs and were forced into bankruptcy"

This is how doctors are. This was just one that got caught. They are almost all like this! You are money to them, and the New World Order. Please do not go to doctors. Please do not do it. They will try to hurt you as much as they can. But I know you will say, "I have been to the doctor before and they healed me!" But how much did it cost? How do you know that they did not implant poisons in you? Did they sell you pills? Did they perform surgery on you? They still hurt you! Do you not realize! Please do not go to doctors. Here, I will show you more.

MIA dot com says that when they talked to people that were in mental hospitals they said that "More than half of the respondents described their psychiatric ward experience as “traumatic.” Thirty-seven percent said they were physically abused in some way (with forced treatment included as an example of physical abuse). Seven percent said they were sexually abused."

That is what they will try to do to you and me, if they do not kill us first. They will abuse and rape us, among many other bad things! This is why you must not go to hospitals. Here I will show you how they are trying to kill old people.

Independent says that "Abuse is taking place in 99 per cent of care homes across England, new research shows, prompting concerns elderly people are bearing the brunt of a “chronic” underfunding in the social care system. A survey of 1,544 care staff shows that abuse was identified in 91 out of 92 care homes, most commonly relating to forms of neglect, such as older people left waiting for care and given insufficient time to eat."

DO YOU SEE THIS!! 99%!!! THAT IS ALL OF THEM!!! 99%!! This is so bad and awful! We must stop the New World Order from killing us and making us their slaves.

What must I do if I am hurt?

Please do not go to hospitals. I have been having bad problems with my body these days, but it recovers as quick as the problems had started!! What I do to recover quickly, is that I drink a lot of water, and eat lots of fruits. These will naturally heal your body, because they are from the earth, and very good for you. I love you! Please do not go to hospitals. What about vaccines?

What of the vaccines?

Everyone knows they are very bad for you, but some people will make fun of you. The New World Order induces peer pressure tells you that you are going to get you or your children killed if you do not give them poisonous, cancerous, vaccines. It is bioterrorism from the New World Order.

I want you to be very, very, very, very safe, and not infected by the New World Order. I know a lot about this topic but I will not write too much of it, because I do not want you to become bored with reading it all day-long. Please, please, please do not go to hospitals. My readers are my friends! And I do not wish for my friends to be hurt!!! Please, please be careful and have a good day. (e