Hello. Today we will be talking about nothing.

I do not like to be making blogs about myself because I am not a narcissist. I just have been feeling bad and a lot of bad things are happening to me. Do not mistake this for depression. I am not weak. Only weak people are depressed.

I am very, very, very sorry to make posts like this, but it feels good when I tell you what I'm thinking. I don't want attention from anybody (other than from the information on this webpage), I just feel as if everything is against me. It's as if every day, another thing will go wrong, and it makes me angry and sad. I know it is mind control and physical affliction from different things like radio waves, towers, and groundwaves. It is hard to be happy while things like this are going on. I might take days off from writing on my webpage, because I wish to take breaks from everything, and just be with myself. I have been very physically sick, because I have now learned that my food is being poisoned and my body is being altered to give me genital infections, and I do not like that at all! My body is hurting very badly, but I can not go to a hospital because I will be killed there, or given poison. I can not tell any one about it, or else they will try to make me go to hospitals, or medics will come to take me away. It makes me very sad. But I am not depressed, I promise that I am not. I am just not happy. I do not want to die, and I do not want to be hurt or sad. But this is what I must experience because of my research, and my wills to be a free thinker, and give you all of my information. I love my readers a lot. I am very, very, very sorry for not writing these next days. I will be better shortly, I promise, promise. Expect to have articles on the black plague going on that is fake, MKUltra, life-extending devices, and all sorts of things! Please have a good day, and be happy. Goodbye for now.