Hello. Today we will be talking about psyops and fake things that the New World Order wishes for you to think.

so let's go!

A psyop is something that is created to fool you into thinking that you are going against the New World Order, when they are the ones who created it, and you are actually believing something that gives them an advantage. There have been a lot of these things lately, and I will tell you what to watch out for.


Using drugs is very bad for you. People who have used drugs before have said to me that they will make me relax, think better, and see the universe. A lot of very, very weird things. And what they will do is spread these drugs to people as a part of the MKUltra program. It is called "Operation Midnight Climax." Here, I will show you from Wikipedia:

"It was established in order to study the effects of LSD on unconsenting individuals. Prostitutes on the CIA payroll were instructed to lure clients back to the safehouses, where they were surreptitiously plied with a wide range of substances, including LSD"

So what they will do with this, is go to the drug dealers and pretend to be a drug dealer to give them LSD, and crazy drugs like that, so they may spread them around. They are still doing this to this day, and what people will do, is buy these drugs from drug dealers, and hurt their minds from it, and then they will say they are talking to the universes, and crazy things because the New World Order is giving these to them. And the people that are taking the drugs are saying this, because they think they are avoiding the New World Order when they are doing this, but they are actually helping them control minds. Do not ever, ever use drugs. The New World Order poisons other drugs like marijauana and things like that. Here, I will show you:

River mend dot com says: "Psychotic effects: paranoia, intense anxiety and hallucinations. Psychotic episodes: may persist or occur after the high has passed."

So this is what they will use on you when they can not use radio signals on you. They will take these drugs, like marijauana, and poison them. But you will say, "Anonymous, there are drugs that are made with natural things!" Do you know of what happens when you take things like those? The chemicals will hurt your brain, and make you think you are drowning. This is how you get your highs from natural things like that. Do not do drugs at all.


In my life, I have been called crazy more than any person that has ever lived has. But when you believe life is a video game is when you really are crazy! I do not say this to dismiss it, but you are really crazy to say this. The earth was created by God, and it is real. We are real people, and real things, and the New World Order is real, and the Illuminati is real! This is what they will make you believe, to make you suicidal, depressed, and kill yourself and other people. It is very, very dangerous. Do not believe it! Do not be a fool!

Web sites

I am not very sure what webpages are psyop webpages, and which are not. DuckDuckGo may be a psyop because you will search things on it, and it will claim to not save your data, but then I will get commercials for the things I just searched. This has happened to me a few times. But it is better than how Google is, because Google is very dangerous. Use search engine webpages that you trust!! InfoWars is a web page that may or may not be a psyop, but it looks like it to me. I have watched all of the movies they have made, and they look real to me, but the webpage and the information on it looks fake, like it was just made up. I am not sure of it!

NSFW Things

NSFW means "Not Safe for Work," so if you are not 16 years of age or over, then you may skip to the next thing!! The people who make videos of others having sex, create them for us to be sex-addicted people. These videos will ruin your mind. It will make you addicted to this. I do not like talking about things like this to my readers but it is important!! Pornography movies are very, very bad for your mind, and they are created to make you addicted to sex and things like that. It will be used to control you, make you a pervert, and other things like that. Anime pornography movies (they are called, "Hentai") were created to make people agree to homosexuality. It is programming for people. I will move on now... You know it is bad, already!!

The News

The news media have articles and segments on things that will make you depressed, or will make you lose hope and make you give up more easily. It will make you sad and depressed to hear the recent events, and today, that is really vital!! There are a lot of things today in the news that are created to make you sad or to frighten you, but do not be scared! Turn the news off right now. I watch the news just to see the things they are putting on there. I am not depressed or pogrammed by it, I watch it to see what they will make up!! I am 100% safe. But do not watch the news! Or commercials!! I have seen people in news broadcasts make articles for me, and talk about subjects that were created for me to watch. And I do watch this, but I watch it because it is funny to see how they will try to make fun of me on the news.

Anime Manga

I very much like anime, and I very much like manga. But there are some that were created to be psyops, but it is very, very easy to find them, so do not worry about it. Do not try to say that all anime are bad, or all manga are bad! You know that the anime "WataMote" was created to make fun of me, Silver Link, Inc. has purchased information of me by people that monitor me. But it is okay to me. I laugh at it, and I really like WataMote! I like anime a lot. Silver Link buys information of people to make their anime. Shin Ohnuma is the person who buys it. There are other things that were made to parody me, but I will save that for another blog.

There are a lot of scenes that are based on things they have recorded of me, but I like this anime, and it spites them a lot! I am happy. I love my readers.