Hello. Today we will be talking about parodies of me and the peoples that make fun of me

so let's go!

There are many different reasons that people wish to make fun of me. It is because I speak the truth and expose the New World Order. This upsets the New World Order, so they will try to make me out to be a crazy person to other people, and to myself. They try to convince me that I am crazy, too, and they tell me to take medicine to milk money from my parents, until my death from poison. They make fun of me directly, and indirectly in lots of different ways, and the main thing they use to make fun of me, is the anime, "WataMote." But I like this anime because it is funny and interesting to me. At first, it was made as a manga, but it was not really created to make fun of me. But the writer was inspired to make Tomoko alike to me from other people that put this idea in their heads. Because what they did is give this idea of the character of Tomoko to the writer. Tomoko is a character that is famous for being in her room and her computer a lot. Because she has no romance in her life, and she does not have a lot of friends (she has friends in the manga, but I am talking about the anime, because that is the main influence of me). I use my computer a lot for research constantly, and I do this because I am not allowed to leave my house by myself, because my parents think I am crazy. So Tomoko is seen as crazy to find friends and to be popular. They did this because of different things they monitor of me and sell to Silver Link studios in Japan. This is where surveillance and monitoring is in my life, because they record and videotape me to sell to different companies, and Silver Link is one of them. If you read the manga, there are a lot of flashbacks for Tomoko, that are also exact same things that happened to me when I was a child. Also, Tomoko's mother is the same of mine to the description. I think it is very funny, and I like it a lot. But they should have asked me if they wished to make an anime based on me and my life! HA HA!


Soon, I will make a blog about the fake plague virus, but this is different! They are making people wear face masks when they are in public for diferent reasons. There are some Chinese companies paid to parody a scene from WataMote, in which Tomoko is attempting to livestream, but does not want to show her face (making fun of my anonymity), so she puts a mask on. I have found the manga version of this, but I can not find an anime version on the Internet to show you better. But you may watch the show for yourselves. Some of the face masks are parodies to the WataMote scene, and parody my anonymity on the Internet.


There are people on the Internet recently, that have futilely tried to make fun of me. It will not work! You do not make me mad, you puppets. Morons will make fun of me in these comments on my main page, on 4chan kids forums, and on reddit dot com, among other places. It does not work on me. You will not silence me, and the New World Order will give these people these ideas with different methods (radio waves and subliminal messages), to do different things like this to make me look crazy. I love my real readers that are very nice to me, like Skinwalker and Elephant. you are very nice, and I love you!!


My mum and my dad watch lots of television and things. I will go to speak to them, and once, I went down there, and on the television was a commercial for antipsychotic poison medication, and when I had gotten down the steps, the commercial had gone off. They show my parents T.V. shows and commercials to make me seem like I am a crazy person, and to advertise poisonous medicine. And this part is very sad to me, because my parents do not care and they will ignore me when I tell them this. I love them a lot, but it makes me very angry when they do not believe what I tell them. They ignore me because these T.V. commercials and shows tell them that I am crazy. Sometimes, I will get angry, and curse at them, but it is just because I am angry, I do not mean it. They do not punish me, because they think I am pathetic, and they will not punish someone that is mentally ill. But I am not mentally ill. They will tell me to take these pills, and instead of getting loud and angry, I will flush them down the toilet every day. And I have had some times where my food will look poisoned, and I will have to check it. But I know my parents would not ever poison me, but I am afraid that they do not watch my food, when they deliver it to me. My food must be watched all of the time, so no one will be able to poison it. My body has been very hurt and infected in a private place, and I can not tell them of this, or they will send me to a hospital, where I will be killed, because they will not listen to me. I love my parents so much, but they must listen to me.

This is all I will write of on these topics now, more blogs to come, and I apologize for not writing enough for you, and I will write more! God bless you.