Hello. Today we will be talking about how to protect your self on the internet.

so let's go!


The first thing you must do is to choose which operating system you will use. I use a Windows computer, which is very, very insecure, but I have configured it so it will not spy on me as much as I am able to, and I will show you this. Mac computers are the worst, and you can not change this, so you may throw it away! TailsOS is very secure, but I do not know if it is a psyop, so you may use Linux Mint if you wish to. It is very secure. Some people use Windows 2000, and will configure it so they will be able to use it now, because it is old. It can still be used, but I do not use it. I will show you these Windows settings to make your Windows computers secure first. DO NOT USE WINDOWS 8 OR 10 AT ALL!!!! I use Windows 7, even if it is normally not secure, I have secured it, and I will now show you!


DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME OR FIREFOX!!! Opera browser is not good, either, but it is not as bad as these... TOR browser may be a psop as well, but I do use it sometimes. But I do so with a lot of caution, and you should do that too. I2P and Freenet are also very good. I use a lot of VPNs and things like that when I use these, and my Internet speed is very, very bad, but it is worth it to me!! So I will tell you for now, to use TOR with VPNs and things.


There are a lot, lot, lot of psyop VPNs, they are fake and will pretend to do things like help you, but they will sell your infor mation and log everything you do, and I know of these psyop VPNs: Hola, NordVPN, Betternet, Opera VPN, Cyber Ghost, and Express VPN. I use SoftEther VPN with Privoxy, and this with TOR browser makes two VPNs and a proxy, and you must set your router to dynamic, and reset it once every hour. And I do not care what you will say, it makes a difference!! HA HA!!


I use software like Spybot Search & Destroy to get rid of tracking things on Windows 7. And the antivirus software I use is Super Anti Spyware (it is very good and very, very secure. I have looked into it, and other antivirus software are psyops and spyware). I also use Hijack. This is also very good software for bad software. And I run ComboFix, which is very good too for this things, and I also use Shieldapps Webcam Blocker, but DO NOT BUY ANY OF THIS!! DOWNLOAD ANY SOFTWARE THAT COSTS MONEY WITH TORRENTS!!


This is a lot of what I do to my computer, what you must do is go to the Registry Editor on Windows, and I will show you here:

And when you will see this you will see a something that looks like this i will show you:

I do not know about your computer and what you have downloaded, but you will see a lot of things like, "HP WEB CAM" or, "REALTEK MICROPHONE" or something like that, if you are using laptops, and you must delete all of this, or change values to 0. But deleting these is better. And you may also open Devices Manager and I will show you:

And here you will do the same, you will remove all of the things that will say WEBCAM or MICRPHONE or some tihng like this and you may uninstall some U S B device if you wish to.

There is also things that is called "windows god mode" and you can get to hidden things in windows to control your computer to be safer and make it to where you will like it.


So I have shown you how to make your computer to be safer for use, and the things I do to make myself safe. I also like to make hypervisors to run things in. I have Linux hypervisor computers to do some things with. And I also have a Windows 7 hypervisor that I will check every ten minutes to see the advertisements that I get to know if they are trying to see what I am doing, and I get commercials sent to me too often. I can not stop this because it is on TV!! HA HA! I also will do things like jam pencils in parts of my computer so they can not be used, that is not very good to do... but it works for me!! HA HA. But please be safe, and stay safe on the Internet. Have a good day.