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Hello. Today, we will talk about being happy, and why this is the most important thing that you must do every day. I have gotten emails and comments about this. And I have had bad emotions and more mind manipulation, but I will tell you how I have been happy.

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There are lots of people that have said they are sad and depressed, because of different things. And this is what they want from you, they want you to be depressed and sad, so you will hurt yourself or other people, and so you are easy to control. I will say that it sometimes is okay to be sad or mad, because it is sometimes what we all will feel. But you will get over that. But sometimes we are sad or mad, and do not get over it. I was really mad yesterday, when I found a camera in my room. I was angry and when I am angry, I punch holes in my walls, or I try to hit something. I have already told you this, but let me continue on this. Instead of punching things this time, I thought instead on how I could make this better. I destroyed that camera instead, because I thought about it, instead of punching something because I was angry. So you must use your brain sometimes, instead of your anger or your sadness to make your decisions. And I will tell you also that, when you are sad, you are doing nothing to help the problem that is making you sad. Sometimes, you will be sad about things that you can not help. And you must tell your mind to stop doing this. You will tell yourself that you can not help it! YOU CAN HELP IT!!! It is what you think of it that will become true in your mind. If you work to be happy, you will be happy. And you will say, "My life is very boring, and I work all of the time." or, "I stay home all of the time!!" It is your life. You control what you will do. If you wish to work, you will work. If you wish to stay home, you will stay home. You will say, "Do you enjoy your life?? Do you not stay at home all day long??" Yes I do, but if I wished to, and if my parents did not miss me, I could walk out of this home, and I will be homeless! And I will make my rules!! But I do not wish to do that. You will do the same for yourself. Your life is a house, and you need to paint it every month!!!! You must do something fun and happy, that is good for you, and do not believe the New World Order and have them send radio waves to you and make you sad. You will ignore this!!! Do not give in to this!!! And do not use smartphones, because they will make you very depressed, and you will kill yourself. I am not lying. You may look this up!! Do not ever kill yourself, because you are not a fool. Fools kill themselves. The New World Order will win over your life if you do that!!! It will be another victory for them... NOW, I will tell you why you must be happy... Because if you are not happy, there is no point to being alive!!! If you are not happy with your job, you must quit them. If you are not happy with your house, you will sell it. If you are not happy, you will do everything to make yourself happy!!! YOU MUST MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY!!! YOU MUST DO NEW THINGS AND TALK TO NEW PEOPLE!!!!!! You will say, "Nothing makes me happy." THAT IS BULLSHIT!! If you have not tried everything in the world, you would not know that! Life is very wonderful, and the earth is very great. Do you not wish to travel?? Do you not wish to see the oceans and the beautiful world??? You are stuck in this box that you will have made... You believe that life is only your house and your job!! IT IS NOT!! LIFE IS OCEANS, SEAS, NATURE, AND HAPPINESS!! The New World Order will tell you that your life is your job... Or your house... But you are still alive and you only live once!!! And you will not spend your life like this!!! The New World Order will NOT TELL YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Happiness is very good! And you must be happy! The New World Order hates when you are happy, and living your life, seeing nature and all of these things. And you will do whatever you can to be happy... and I believe in you!!! I love you and I wish for you to be happy, because nature and happiness is what life is!! I love you, and I am sorry if I sound like I am angry in this, but I just want you to be happy! Have a good day, to all of you!