Hello. Today's topic is about a thing that we all need and like to have. That is food! We all love food. But what is in that you eat?



First off, I will tell you about the meat industry in the Americas, Europe, and in Oceania. It is some of the worst things you will eat! You eat this every day, and you have no further thought about what you are consuming and allowing in your body. The hormones and the poison that they are implanting in beef and chicken will make you disgusted! I will show you a quote from a cancer prevention website on the Internet.

"More than a decade ago, Roy Hertz, then director of endocrinology at the National Cancer Institute and a leading authority on hormonal cancers, warned of the carcinogenic risks of estrogenic additives which can cause imbalances and increases in natural hormone levels. Hertz warned against the uncontrolled use of these potent carcinogens. No dietary levels of hormones are safe and a dime-sized piece of meat contains-billions of millions of molecules."

WOW! Is that not suprising to you!? You may be eating cancer if you are an American! But yet you will say, "Anonymous, did Europe not ban the sale of the American meats?" Yes. But that does not mean that they are not doing the same things to their meats! European meat is known for containing traces of horse meat and meat harvested from sickly cows! Do you not believe me? I will provide you with quotes... and links to quotes...

"Eleven EU countries have imported beef from a Polish abattoir accused of handling sick cows, and urgent checks are now under way, EU officials say. Poland has identified 9.5 tonnes of beef from the plant, now closed down, 2.5 tonnes of which was exported." -

American meat must be so bad... Yet Europe is in the same boat! Do you remember me speaking of the horse meat found in "beef?" I will show you this article now...

"Horse meat was discovered in products that are supposed to be 100% beef, sold in Sweden, the United Kingdom and France. Aldi said tests on random samples demonstrated that the withdrawn products contained between 30% and 100% horse meat." -

WOW WOW WOW!! Horse meats in the European beef industry... Who would have thought of that? But I know what you will say next: "Anonymous, what about in Australia and New Zealand?" I will answer that! They are doing the same things that the New World Order is doing to the American beef. They are adding poisonous hormones to them in an attempt to depopulate the earth.

HPGs, hormone growth promotants, have been used in Australia for 30 years to boost weight gain in cattle. Most often HPGs are administered through an implant inserted behind a bull or heifer’s ear. These implants last for three to four months, slowly releasing a dose of hormones. Alternatively, the hormone is put in the grains the cattle eat.

As you may see here, the beef 'industry' is controlled by the one world government and used as a method of poisoning the people of the earth. And to make them in to very sickly beings that will not be able to defend themselves when the time will comes. All of the sick ly and the old and the disabled will be killed and the people who are left will be very unhealthy and blobs in which will go along with the New World Order in order to save their lives. But this is not only the beefs industry, yet that i will show you, it does get worse......


NO! Not even vegetables are safe from the New World Order..... as you can see here.

"The EWG group highlighted two chemicals in particular. One is neurotoxic insecticide chlorpyrifos, which some research has shown can harm the brain and nervous system in children at even low levels. The chemcial was detected on 5%, or 34 out of 670 samples, of conventional raisins, and 6%, or five out of 86, of organic raisin samples."

They are using poisonous neurotoxins in our vegetables and our fruits to kill us. I eat fruit, and only fruit. All of my fruit is pure and clean because it is all fresh and no pesticides are used on it. This is how you should live, too. Yet you will say... "Anonymous, do you not drink water? Do you know how poisonous that is?" I do not drink regular water, I drink bottled water that is filtered through a life straw. A life straw is a very nice device and I will link it here and all of my readers should have a life straw!! I want you to be healthy!! Buy Your Life Straws Here!!!.


I should not have to tell you that sodas are garbage poison that will kill you... It is already known by most people, yet the NWO wish to advertise to the addicts that the sugars are good sugars, and that it is all good and nice and great to drink sodas! Yet in reality, it is changing your DNA so you will die quicker and not have much of an issue. They wish to weed out the people who are easily addicted to things, as they will not make good workers... They are killing the weak people and the weak people do not care.


The New World Order controls the regulations and the requirements for what is allowed in your food without telling you. They are allowed to put things such as rat shit, corpses, bugs, piss, pink sludge, and strange animals in your food without you knowing. They do not want you to know, because they do not want you to speak out about it! If you knew these things, you would not eat their food. "The FDA allows 450 insect fragments in a box of macaroni and 50 parasitic cysts for every 100 lbs of fish." says Fatherly dot com. "in whole ginger, the FDA allows up to three milligrams or more of mammalian excreta per pound. In peanut butter, the agency allows an average of fewer than 30 insect fragments per 100 grams — about a quarter of your average jar." Yet you will continue to buy this! These are the things allowed to be in it... Yet you DO NOT CHECK! YOU DO NOT CHECK AS BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY AND DO NOT CARE AND HAVE FAITH IN THE ILLUMINATI TO PROTECT YOU!!!


Everyone knows about fast food and the dangers of the pink sludge that is in them. It is made of sludge, poison, not real meats or not real foods. It is not real food. None of it is real. It is ALL FAKE!! DO NOT EAT FAST FOOD!! I will show you a documentary that will explain it: This documentary not only exposes these fake meats, it will also show you the effects of them. IT IS NOT REAL FOODS!! IT IS 1000% FAKE GOO!!


Most foods that you can buy from supermarkets will be contaminated with garbage, poisons, and neurotoxins. What you must do is farm with seeds that have been dropped naturally, and not with the seeds that you can buy from a supermarket. As those seeds have poison in them. I have had many instances where I have been almost poisoned. If you wish to have sugar, eat pineapples, but check in them with a fork to see what is in it. If you wish to eat, you must do it in a good way to prevent poison from entering your body. What you must do is check everything that goes in to your body. What you eat is what goes in to your body. You must thoroughly check every single thing! You do not want to die... I hope you do not want to die! I do not want you to be come an unhealthy slave! I want you to be mentally strong. Yes, these foods will alter your mental states as well. There is a lot of chemistry involved in making these drug foods. I want you to be healthy and happy!! If you wish to drink, you must drink with a life straw device. I am not selling you that, I do not make money from it by telling you about it, I promise!!! You will eat HEALTHY AND FRESH FRUITS THAT ARE FARMED AND YOU MAY DRINK FROM A LIFE STRAW DEVICE. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL MAINTAIN A HEALTHY BODY AND A HEALTHY MIND AND AWAY FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER POISONS! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!