Hello. Thank you to all of the people that write nice comments to me. It makes me very happy to read them. I have been experiencing mind manipulation and random emotions and I wish to discuss them and why I am getting them.

let us see

Lately, these past fews days, I have found myself to be very angry and sad at weird times in my life. I can not think right and it makes my head hurt very badly. These articles that I have read on the Internet tell me to do things with my anger, like playing piano. Sometimes I do research with this energy. But lately, I do things like punch holes in my wall. I want to stop doing this, but it makes me feel better when I am mad. But yet, I have figured to have thoughts of what is causing my anger. It is being caused by multiple people inserting emotions into my head. Here, I will explain to you; I am a person that important people do not like. Sometimes, they will do things to intentionally sabotage me in any way they can. And that includes hurting my head and inducing emotions in me. Emotions that I do not want, like anger and sadness. But yet, since I have thought of these things, it makes me feel better when I am angry. It is nothing more than people trying to do things to my mind, but I will be happy instead, just as a response to that. I will be happy because they do not like when I am happy. I have been told that you might get anger out by staring at things like candles. Candles are a form of animated light that is very nice for a person who needs to concentrate. It is very good. Find something to concentrate on, and keep concentrating on it. Concentrate on playing good video games or reading a newspaper. I wish for you to be happy and I wish for you not to be affected by the NWO. I am targeted, and they will do this to you too. They will use cell tower radiation to artificially make you angry and sad. It is very bad that they are doing this, but we will be happy! Me and you will be happy for all of our lives, just because they do not want us to be this way. We will not be depressed, sad, and mad blobs. We will be happy people that are very nice, good, and against the New World Order. But some people do not want to be happy. They wish to be sad and mad. They must be used to it or make it their entire personalities. They are ignorant fools. Being mad and sad is nothing to glorify! Do not humour people that call you crazy, or the ones that try to be annoying and the ones that will try and make you feel bad. You must cut them out! Cut those people out of your life. My mood has not been because of my infections. But my infections are getting way much better. I love you, and I wish for you to be happy and healthy. I am a happy person. If I am a happy person, you may be a happy person, too! There is nothing that is stopping you from doing so. You will do anything that you please to do. You will quit your job if you do not like it. You will leave your friends if they are bad towards you! The best advice that I have read for these kind of things, is to tell your problems to go fuck themselves! Fuck your problems and whatever you are facing. Fuck it, because it is nothing! If the birds outside do not care, why should you? If cats do not care, why should you? If dogs do not care, why should you? Do you believe nature will take care of your problems? Nature is here to relax you and make you happy. I wish for you all to never be mad or sad. I love you all and I love all of the people that read and be nice to me. It's happy. Thank you. I am sorry that this is short and personal, but my heart tells me to post this.