Hello. I have found out that there are people that are making posts about me on the Internet and websites like reddit dot com, and trying to come to my house. Today we will respond to these posts because they are very moronic. So lets go!

"s/he claimed that s/he was a genius of some sorts and that he wanted to share this info before his/her demise. (while that sounds laughable on it's own..."

It is not fake and I am not lying. I have no reasons to lie to any one. And I will not tell what gender I am to any one.

"I was wondering if someone could check this out for me. I know this just seems like your average edge lord on Omegle but I want to get to the bottom of this."

Because you are computer-illiterate. And you are scared of what you will find out from my website! HA HA.

"I would argue they're not trolling, they're mentally ill. "Gangstalking" is a made up delusion that many mentally ill people suffer from where they end up going online to talk about their paranoid delusions and find other people who think they're suffering the same issues (being stalked by a large group of people for whatever purposes) and end up reinforcing each other's delusions. It's essentially a wild conspiracy theory."

This is what I talk about. This is why I do not like morons. Because this is what you will get when you try to say anything that does not fit into these peoples' narratives. They call you crazy. This is what I talk about when I speak of puppets and things like this because they will always call you crazy and dismiss whatever you have to say. And here, you finally see it.

"There’s an awful lot of malware out there that does all sorts of things - tracking users, cryptocurrency miners, spam distribution, keylogging. It’s pretty much impossible for any site that hosts generic third-party content to ensure that malware isn’t included."

It is funny when computer illiterate people call you crazy. HA HA

"I can say that what you're looking at here is a schizophrenic/psychotic delusion. "Gangstalking" is a common (shared) delusion - there's even a subreddit on the topic. Paranoia is a common symptom of many of the more severe mental illnesses we know of, and for a good number of people, this manifests as the idea that everyone is watching them all the time when they're in public. Then, they get on the internet to see if anyone else has "experienced" the same thing, and lo and behold, they connect with other people who are ill."

Yes, here it is. This is what you will experience when you are more intelligent than someone, and when you tell people of ideas that they do not like. They will call you crazy. This is always what they do. I was diagnosed with fake bullshit diseases and these people will reinforce that. I was afflicted with different things that made me act differently, and that is when they will diagnose you will bullshit to get you on pills that will kill you, so they can make their money. But you would not know that. You do not care. You will dismiss it.

"It's incredibly sad, always, to read things like this. You can feel this person's frustration with "being called crazy", and that's in large part due to the way our society likes to treat the mentally ill as both monstrous and a joke. That being said, yeah unfortunately this fellow is schizophrenic. He or she seems to have the whole gamut of delusions - fantastical (they're using radio waves to afflict me), paranoia (they're after me because I have exposed them), reference (things on TV and radio are messages to me, this TV series was made specifically to make fun of me, etc).

Are you this much of a moron? Do you not see yourself? I am not crazy. You talk of society treating real, actual crazy people badly, but you assume I am crazy and then post my blogs on this site, advertising me as crazy. I am not schizophrenic, it is bullshit. Do you not get it? Delusions and hallucinations are what every one of them will fucking accuse you of having when you present them with something real, because they can not handle it. I am not paranoid. I am telling the truth. I have no reason to lie to any body. I am not faking what I write about. I do not lie. WataMote was created to parody me, but it is ironic because I enjoy it very much. That is why I wrote about that and use Tomoko as an avatar of sorts. You do not read, so you do not care.

"Ive searched the email online. Appears Proton mail is an anonymous Kind of email provider you can link your email to keep anyone from seeing the contents so he obviously wants to be anonymous. I also searched for SUBLIMINALMANGA and other variations of it to see if a user name popped up associated with it online maybe and i found none."

Here they are trying to dox me, come to my house, and other things. But they will not find anything, because I am anonymous. They can not read the "AnonymousAuthor" part! That's funny to me. You will never find me.


This is another case of people trying to call other people crazy for showing them what reality is. Because they can not handle the truth. They are trying to come to my house and other things now, and find me, and all of this, but they will not. I am not crazy, and I am not a mystery. But you may keep being puppets for my amusement because it is funny. These are my final thoughts. I will make more blogs just to make you angry. This may be a psyop created to make me look crazy, but it will not work if it is, and you have done nothing but verify the things I am saying and provide controlled opposition in attempts to make me look crazy. But you have failed. HA HA.

"Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish." - Euripides