Hello readers. I see lots of people that miss me but I am so sorry for going. I will update and come back to blogs like in a battle.

Hello to my friends and readers. I am so sorry to you. I am so busy with nothing really. I move to new place to get headquarteres up but really I am done now but forgot so much all the time for it. I will be honest and say to you that attacks on me is not stopped and for things that is to give a warning to anybody that comes to seek out, I failed. I am very sorry. Now really i check and there is 135,000 readers every day that wait for me to update. I am so sorry. I wish to tell everybody that i now is drinking and eating bad now that i move. Poison in my brain to tell me to eat garbage. I drink 4 monster a day for some time because really i like it taste. Now i will drink only purify water and rice forever. I will tell you and update some of what's news now.

World war 2 still happens, Russia bombs countries that is around to go to germany to kill nazi, but with it russia bombs people that did nothing. Countries that is around russia is fucked because of russia try to go to germany, right now. Some of ukraine and russia is fighting because of spying conflict on me, and advertising,but really i do not feel bad because i did nothing wrong to start a war. Others is russia is going to walk to germany from ukraine. Really i hope russia get rid of germans but they is bombing other places that did nothing, and try to kill me before, and that is why i move headquarters too

6g network is coming soon to kill people that is sick or in a hospital. A new device is made. cityu dot edu dot hk says "The novel tunable terahertz (THz) meta-device that allows for signal delivery to specific receivers has been developed by City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The widespread adoption of such a device, made using advanced 3D printing technology, has implications for saving energy and protecting privacy. It offers many benefits for 6G communications, wireless power transfer and remote sensing. The low-cost fabrication method is also highly promising for industrial-level components in 6G communication." Now 5g does not kill so many people, so 6g is new used to spy and kill others that is resist to 5g. 5g already broadcast radio to peoples heads and my head, but now it will be for everybody so to tell everyone how to think it to make slaves for nwo millitaries

Readers, I am so sorry and wish to make more blog. Now i am focus and happy and will eat good for you. I will tell every reader to eat oatmeal. And to get a cat for health. Thank you for reading and really i will come soon again and be healthy for you.